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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplements are also known as Medigap plans because they are covering the gaps of Medicare. These plans are not a requirement but rather more coverage to protect your financial security. These are added on after you sign up for Medicare through and agent like me. I can help you pick the right plan based on your current needs and my services won't cost you a thing. 

Why Get a Supplemental? 

Supplemental plans are an optional add on to traditional Medicare. The reason I suggest going the supplemental route for a majority of my clients is because you know exactly how much money you are responsible for and you don't have a network of providers you have to stay within. If you wanted to go see a specialist in Kansas City or drive out to Denver for a certain surgeon, you can do so. This supplemental insurance gives you the freedom to chose who you see and it allows your doctors to give you the care you need without jumping through things like prior authorizations and referrals. 


Without something set in place you could be responsible for hospital deductibles as well as 20% of all charges for your out patient services.  These services could include your basic doctor office visits or something like chemotherapy or major surgery. There is no maximum out of pocket ceiling when you're on traditional Medicare. A bill for 20% of a life saving procedure could be financially devastating. 

It's important to make the right choice when you're turning 65. When you are in your open enrollment period ( 3 months before your month of birth, the month of your birth, and 3 months after your month of birth) you don't have to go through medical underwriting. Once you are outside of that 7 month window, a company can look at your medical history and decide if you're a risk they are willing to take. If later on you decide a supplemental plan is not for you, you can always drop it and jump onto an Advantage Plan during open enrollment. 

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