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Medicare Advantage

These plans are an alternative to traditional Medicare. When you sign up for these plans you're allowing a private company to take responsibility for your health insurance. 

Why choose an Advantage Plan?

  • The main reason most people decide to go with an Advantage plan is there typically is not additional cost per month for these plans. Once you pay for your Medicare Part B, you won't have to pay a monthly premium.

  • There are out of pocket maximums that offer protection if you happen to have a difficult year. 

  • A majority of Advantage plans offer prescription drug cost coverage. 

  • The ability to change plans yearly. 

  • Some plans offer additional benefits. 

    • Dental coverage ​

    • Vision Coverage

    • Hearing Coverage

    • Gym Memberships

    • Quarterly Stipends for Over the Counter Needs

Why might an Advantage Plan not be the best fit?

  • You will have a preferred medical network and using a physician outside of your network will have a higher cost. 

  • Your insurance provider has more control over your services and care than with traditional Medicare. 

  • You could potentially be responsible for $11,300 if you had to receive care outside of network within a year. 

  • Some of the benefits are not as great as they may appear. 

  • The plans change from year to year and may cause you to have to change providers. If you change, this would be a task every year at each of your medical and pharmaceutical providers.

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